Keep Your Car Running for Years on End

Bring your vehicle to our engine repair shop in Casper, WY for brake pad replacements

Is your check engine light on? Is your gas mileage getting worse? Trouble with your engine may be to blame. Schedule a service appointment at Master Mechanic, and let one of our mechanics look at your vehicle. Our engine repair shop has a positive reputation for providing trustworthy services that don't break the bank. We also offer general auto repairs and perform yearly inspections.

Our engine repair shop is home to some of the best mechanics in Casper, WY. Call today to schedule your service.

3 signs of damaged brake pads that you shouldn't ignore

When your car gives you any these three signs, it's time to schedule a brake pad replacement. Contact our team immediately if:

  1. Your indicator light is flashing
  2. Your car shakes when you decrease speed
  3. You notice a screeching or squeaking sound when stepping on your brakes

The best way to know if you need a brake pad replacement is to bring your car to our auto shop in Casper, WY. Call now to schedule your service.